House and Waste Clearance In Eastbourne!

House and Waste Clearance In Eastbourne!

House & Waste Clearance in Eastbourne

Licensed and professional waste carrier – Phil Boorman, has aided countless customers by disposing of undesirable waste in Eastbourne and across Sussex. Phil is environmental agency registered, and all manner of waste is collected and handled with minimal ecological impact and the utmost compassion for the local eco-systems.

With the capacity to deal with all types of clearance, we predominantly deal with household items, including electrical and garden waste.

When it comes to house clearance, we respect that the process of emptying a property can be a sensitive and stressful experience. Should you require our house clearing services in Eastbourne or it’s immediate vicinity, we can deliver a professional and courteous service with empathy and discretion.

Be assured knowing that you’ll be dealing with a highly experienced company that is both efficient and ethical.

We have built up our reputation as Upper-Tier Waste Carriers and offer our clients the highest level of service, ensuring them that their waste is disposed of in the correct way. Many other unscrupulous companies today, sadly disregard our beautiful surroundings and dispose of the items illegally, thus damaging our environment.
Too many items are dumped without consideration which has a huge impact on local services and ultimately a heavy cost to all tax-paying Eastbourne residents.

For whatever clearance you desire, you will have the satisfaction that it will be done safely in line with environmental regulations.

We eliminate waste problems with a fast and free quotation, followed by a professional, safe and eco-friendly service.

We're VAT Registered & We Only Invoice On Job Completion

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We Care About Our Environment!

Caring for the environment is very important to us and, where possible, we will always recycle to prevent items from unnecessarily ending up in landfill.

Help us to keep Eastbourne clean!

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