Waste Clearance in East Dean

House and Waste Clearance In East Dean!

House and Waste Clearance In East Dean!

Keeping East Dean Clean!

Phil Boorman is a licensed and professional waste carrier. For many years we have provided thousands of customers a first class service of collecting and disposing of all unwanted waste all East Dean and across Sussex. Fully registered with the environmental agency, you can be sure that the disposal of all unwanted items are done so correctly and done so with the welfare of the environment at hand.

We are experienced with all types of clearance and have professionally handled items from all household items, including electrical and garden waste. You can be assured that we are a company that takes pride in ensuring waste is disposed of correctly and efficiently.

Over the years as experienced Upper-Tier Waste Carriers we have offered our clients the highest level of service, ensuring them that their waste is disposed of in the correct way. This is opposed to many other companies today, who sadly disregard our beautiful countryside and dispose of the items incorrectly, damaging our environment.
Sadly today, too many items are dumped incorrectly which has a huge impact on local taxes having a costly impact to all East Dean residents.

For whatever clearance you you require, you will have the satisfaction that it done safely and correctly.

Phil Boorman will provide you the hassle free process of eliminating your waste, with a fast and free quotation, followed by a professional, safe and environmentally friendly service.

We're VAT Registered & We Only Invoice On Job Completion

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We Care About Our Environment!

Caring for the environment is very important to us and, where possible, we will always recycle to prevent items from unnecessarily ending up in landfill.

Help us to keep East Dean clean!

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